Apple takes another step in creating foldable MacBooks

Apple, although it does not yet have folding devices on the market, is interested in their development. In fact, when it comes to iPhones, it is already known that there is a device in early development phase. But what about Macs? Now a registered patent has been published in which progress is observed in the construction of this type of equipment. We tell you all the details below!

Apple's intentions with this patent are to create a device that is only a screen. This screen would fold on itself right in half. It could be considered a shell design, but given the proportions seen in the images, it is more reminiscent of an open book.

Thanks to the materials, a hinge is formed

The system that Apple has patented has the following operating system. We have a screen surface constructed of layers, either of glass or transparent plastic materials. In the central part of this screen we find a hinge system, which is where the layers will be folded.

However, the interesting thing is that, given the characteristics of the construction materials, When the screen is folded at the hinge, these same layers form a gap where the fold is generated. In this way, the flexible area would be an area in which the glass (or plastic) would be allowed to deform slightly so that it adapts to the curvature.

Apple wants to launch a foldable computer

The novelty of all this is not the fact that they are patenting folding screen technologies. The really interesting thing is that now around 20 improvements have emerged in which Californians focus these applications on the field of laptops. In fact, from the specialized media Patently Apple They share 20 points of the patent in which the company openly says that all of this would be focused on computers.

It was already known that Apple was having an interest in the iPhone and iPad, but now computers are also in the spotlight. Therefore, from here we want to launch a proposal: if a foldable Mac is launched, will there be room for the iPad?

A future scenario

What would happen if Apple launched a touch computer, which is essentially an iPad? Or an iPad so large in foldable format, that it looked so similar to a MacBook? Currently, the iPad and Mac lines are being totally differentiated.

On the one hand, the Mac maintains the more traditional philosophy of use, in the same way that it has a desktop operating system. iPad, on the other hand, is a touch-based work interface, but in many ways it is getting closer to the Mac. Are we now at a point where Apple is laying the groundwork to create a single platform?

The iPad already has Mac software, as do many computer elements: support for keyboards and mice, support for USB accessories, file manager software, and universal Mac applications, among others.