Apple has long since made a commitment to be 100% carbon neutral. What does this mean? Because it can be misleading and also think that it is late, since Google is already, for example, neutral in these emissions and so announces it. What Apple wants is to be 100% neutral. This means that not only is it as a company, but all its suppliers and companies with which it works must be. This is a global commitment to users and to the planet. For this, the objective was be in 2030 and the company is now announcing new measures to achieve it.

Apple, through a press article, has announced that more than 250 suppliers have committed to using renewable energy for all of Apple’s production by 2030. Apple said that its manufacturing partners now support more than 13 gigawatts of renewable electricity, an increase of almost 30% in the last year. But not only this. In addition to what has already been announced, it is known that the company has allocated close to five billion dollars in green bonds to help finance the expansion of clean energy solutions and emissions reductions around the world.

According to statements by Tim Cook:

At Apple, we are carbon neutral for our own operations and innovate every day to go even further on urgent work to address climate change. With partners around the world, we are adding even more renewable energy to power our global supply chain and investing in next-generation green technologies. The scale of this challenge is immense, but so is our determination to face it.

Many suppliers, especially the smaller ones, have financial support from the company to be able to adjust their businesses and be compatible with Apple’s purposes. Something very important and that emphasizes the company’s commitment to others and above all to the planet.