Apple takes the Mac to a new level by introducing MacOS Sequoia

Apple has just presented MacOS to the world, with the mystery of the name revealed, MacOS Sequoia comes with new features in many areas. These are all of them.

With Continuity, being able to continue what we are already doing on another Apple device on our Mac in a magical way. Now, Apple takes it to another level because we can do what they call iPhone Mirroring which is nothing more than seeing it, listening to it and controlling it directly from the Mac. And do everything we did on the iPhone while the iPhone is still locked so no one can see it. No problem. Manzana. Magic.

Another of the most anticipated functions and that Apple has known how to adapt best, is to be able to easily distribute the windows on the screen. By simply dragging a window to the side, it will fit to half a screen or a quarter or others. But in a very simple way without the need for third-party apps.

Apple also boosts video calls as it introduces new fundsbut the most interesting thing is the presentation of the Passwords app that is finally becoming a reality and will also be available on our Mac. A new app to manage all our passwords, users and other credentials.

Safari is also updated, being more efficient than ever and consuming less battery than other browsers. Now, it will highlight interesting information as a kind of pop-up and related to what we are seeing, Apple has called it Summaries (or Summaries). They also bring news to be able manage the video of a website so that it goes to PiP or to later read articles that we want without losing them.

In the part of gamingMacOS Sequoia presents new features for more immersive Gaming with Game Porting Toolkit 2, it allows developers to bring games to Mac much more easily but, not only this, they can also bring them to iPad and iPhone. Apple is trying to create a total ecosystem where all its devices can run all the titles that developers port to their platforms. Additionally, Ubisoft has announced new games coming this year such as Assassins Creed. Apple is doing very well in the Gaming part lately.