Apple Tap To Pay Will Now Be Available In More Countries

Following Apple’s announcement, independent vendors, small businesses, and major stores in Taiwan would be able to accept payments using Tap To Pay as a payment terminal. The feature, which was released in February 2022, enables compatible iPhones to collect payments via contactless credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets using nothing more than an iPhone. No extra hardware, like a credit card reader, is needed. NFC technology is used by Tap to Pay on the iPhone to securely authenticate contactless payments.

Apple Tap To Pay Will Be Available In More Countries

The first payment systems enabling Tap to Pay for its commercial clients (including key clients Taiwan Mobile and Taiwan Taxi Co.) are China Trust Bank and TapPay.  Later this year, Taipei Fubon Bank will introduce support to its payment platform.

Tap to Pay on iPhone requires an iPhone XS or newer device and works for consumers in the same way as any other Apple Pay transaction. Sellers just launch the app, record the transaction, and hand over their iPhone to the buyer, who may then pay with a contactless payment option.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is now accessible at over 700,000 additional companies throughout the United States, and the capability is also available in Apple Stores in the United States. Taiwan is the second country to accept Tap to Pay. In a similar development, Apple has discreetly expanded the Apple Watch’s Track Detection capability for customers in France.

Although Apple hasn’t made any public announcements about it, WatchGeneration reports that the functionality is currently accessible in the European nation.

With watchOS 9.2, Track Detection was made available for Apple Watch Series 4 and later. When turned on, the function uses information from Apple Maps and GPS to determine which lane of a track you are jogging in. Apple Watch also delivers lap warnings when you’re working out. Any regular 400-meter outdoor track may be detected using the function automatically.