Apple tells you how much its shares cost

If you’re interested in the world of trading, but you also like Apple, why not bring together the best of both worlds? The company itself has a dedicated section in which tell us the updated price of your shares, but also, we can see the historical value that these have been having over time. So if you are curious about this type of data, or you are within this area, this post will be very interesting for you.

More than ten years of values

If you’re not familiar with names on the stock market, the first thing you should know is the name under which Apple trades. This is NASDAQ:AAPL. And in a dedicated section, within the official website, we can consult the official and updated information in real time. In the same way, Apple indicates that this type of data is presented in order to provide information, and not for Apple users themselves to invest in their actions, directly from the website.

Something striking is that, when we enter the section Investor Relations > Stock Price, we came across a message saying that the information displayed is from a third party company called Tickerteck, and that Apple does not provide direct information to this company. The information of the stock market values ​​is public and can be consulted through various sources. However, Tickerteck is a company specialized in offering financial data, and they have been running since 1998.

The first thing we have available to consult is the updated price, but with a delay of 20 minutes. The next piece of information we can see is how much the stock has risen (or fallen), and the total volume of the company’s shares. Then, there is a section that consists of a graph, in which we can see the evolution of the share price. Finally, we have a stock price history, where we can check by day, month and year. And the data they provide are between 2012 and 2023.

Check the price of Apple shares

In addition to checking the price in real time and updated, we can find out what an Apple share has cost at a given time. If we look at the graph, we have a slider with which we can move, horizontally, between June 2011 and all of 2023 (so far this year). Here we can observe the continuous evolution of prices, since, if we place the mouse over the graph, we will know how much it cost at that moment, and the price evolution that it suffered.

Apple stock price history

Regarding the last section, we can know the price of the share on a specific day, month and year. It is important to note that the search engine itself offers us the possibility of entering dates from 2006. Of course, the first date from which we will be able to know the price of the shares is the January 9, 2012. If we introduce previous dates, no data will appear. The price, as such, of the action is not the only value that is going to be shown to us. Also, it will show us the following:

  • The price at which the stock opened on the stock market that day
  • The highest price the stock had on the stock market that day
  • The lowest price the stock had on the stock market that day
  • The price at which the share closed on the Stock Market that day
  • The total volume of shares in the company, at that time