Apple touches failure and success with this product

Today, Friday, February 3, the new 2nd generation HomePods are released. They do it in the midst of much controversy, since it is a product that is similar, perhaps too much, to the first version. However, with these HomePods Apple has touched both heaven and hell, success and failure. Keep reading that we tell you the reason.

The Criticisms about this Apple launch They have not been lacking, and it is that reality shows that, at least aesthetically, this 2nd generation HomePod is really similar to the one that Cupertino took off the market in 2021, the 1st generation HomePod. Obviously, at the level of benefits, although it does not add many more, it is indeed a very good evolution, both in sound and of course at the HomeKit level. With all this, the Apple Store shows two realities, and that is that as we say, Apple with this product has touched both heaven and hell.

The strange situation with the colors of the HomePod

It is usual and normal that whenever Apple launches a product in different finishes, there are colors that are more popular than others, especially with iPhones, since the special color of each year is usually the one that sells the most. However, the 2nd generation HomePod has not come out with any special colorsOn the contrary, it has the same finishes that the 1st generation HomePod already had, that is, black, which is now called midnightand the white.

However, and surprisingly, there has been a great difference in demand between one model and anotherespecially since as we said, the Apple Store does not lie, and the HomePod delivery times in midnight color They go away in just over a month, while if you want to buy the HomePod in white, even if you have an Apple Store close to home, you could go today, which is the day of its launch, for it.

White HomePod

The choice between one color and another corresponds solely and exclusively to the personal criteria of each user, since obviously, functionally speaking they are exactly the same. In addition, it is not that one color is somewhat dirtier than another, both finishes hold up really well over time. In addition, it is also surprising because with the 1st generation HomePod the opposite happened, since it was the white color that was most often seen both in homes, studios and even shops.

Be that as it may, the reality is that Apple has been able to seduce many users With this new 2nd generation HomePod, surely many of them would run out of units when the 1st generation began to be withdrawn from the market and now they have not wanted to wait any longer to enjoy the great sound quality offered by these Apple smart speakers , in addition to also serving as a HomeKit operations center with all the smart gadgets you have at home. So now you know, if you were interested in a black HomePod, you can now run to buy it if you don’t want the waiting time to continue increasing, and if your favorite color was white, well today you could even start enjoying it No problem.