Apple Trade In is your best ally this Christmas (you’re welcome)

Many of us think that Apple does not usually carry out discounts and promotions for Christmas, especially because it is a company that is not characterized by being a company whose prices are maintained throughout the calendar year, unless a product comes out that improves the features of the generation that was or is in Apple’s portfolio. Now, there is a mechanism to save us a lot of money and that many people don’t know. I promise not to take more than five seconds of your time. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

What is Apple Trade In?

This replacement system gives you the possibility of recycling not only the Mac, but also the rest of the Apple equipment such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other devices from the Californian firm. The Californian company rate the value of the equipment to keep it and recycle the components in exchange and you receive a gift card to purchase another device from your favorite company.

This system has several advantages. The first of them is minimize As we said, the environmental impact of all the devices that we abandon every time we renew a unit. The second is the possibility of purchasing a device from the American firm at a lower price.

The process can be done quickly, without questions, justifications or tests. You arrive at an App Store, present your device and you have a price. If it suits you, you can make the purchase and sale quickly and without wasting time with annoying Wallapop customers who change their criteria every day.

Steps to follow

Replacement through Apple Trade In service

He process consists of several steps and which we will describe below. The first of these is to check how much money Apple gives for your device, since surely depending on the amount you will be more or less interested in recycling your computer, mobile phone or tablet through the company itself.

If you are clear that you are going to make this transaction, it is best to make a purchase before going to the App Store.backup all data, either in the iCloud cloud or on an SSD hard drive. Once Apple obtains the product, you will no longer be able to obtain any information from it.

Finally, depending on how you have done the product delivery process, they may come to pick it up through the different ways you have available, such as picking it up at your home or delivering it to an Apple Store or personalized premium stores.

Save money and buy another Apple product

Apple gift card

Before concluding this post, it is important that you keep in mind that Apple at no time he will give you cashThat is, the money offered for your product must be reinvested in the App Store. In this sense, the Californian company offers you two options:

  • First of all, you can take advantage of the amount of the value of your Apple device to deduct it from a new purchase at the Apple Store. You can buy any device.
  • The second option is to obtain a gift card with said amount. This card has no expiration date and you can use it whenever you deem appropriate. Remember that the maximum value of the card is 250 euros. If the amount is higher, you will be given several gift cards with different values.