Apple TV (2022): A strange Apple move and many surprises

Apple surprised locals and strangers with the launch of new hardware that took place earlier this week. All this was done without the necessary intervention of a new Keynote and with the almost total absence of leaks, which seems surprising to us based on what we have seen in recent years.

The new Apple TV (2022) includes the powerful A13 processor and significantly reduces its price, what does Apple intend with all this? Meet with us in depth all the news of the new Apple TV, its secrets and what awaits us after this renovation of the company’s multimedia center par excellence.

The great improvement of the Apple TV (2022)

The new Apple TV presented a few days ago makes a significant leap in terms of power. The model launched in 2021 mounted the Apple A12 Bionic processor, which although it is more than capable of executing the tasks that can be expected from this multimedia center, It is light years away from the Apple A15 Bionic processor that is now mounted on the Apple TV (2022).

It doesn’t stop there, this Apple TV (2022) It has also grown in RAM memory capacity, having 4GB, as corresponds to the minimum standard for the processor used. All this focused on supporting streaming content applications that have more and more requirements, especially if we take into account that now in addition to supporting the DolbyVision (HDR) protocol, it is also compatible with HDR10 +, maintaining the sound level of Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital 7.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1.

Goodbye to the HD model and the Ethernet port

The new Apple TV is offered in two different modes, which now will not refer to the resolution of the video output, as has been the case up to now. The choice between HD (1080p) or 4K is left behind, which was what was available in the catalog of the Cupertino company.

Apple has now decided to go all out on 4K resolution, something coherent considering the availability of televisions with this technology in the market.

Apple TV Ethernet port

However, you will need to choose whether the connection Ethernet (RJ45) is useful for you, or not. And it is that Apple has decided to launch two models slightly different from each other:

  • Without Ethernet port: With 64 GB of storage and WiFi 6 connection, for 169 euros.
  • With Ethernet port: With 128 GB of storage and integration with Thread Mesh systems, for 180 euros.

For “only” 20 euros, Apple adds a physical port and state-of-the-art technology that is designed precisely for streaming content, and it is that it allows the download and transmission of large amounts of data at high speed, so in addition to playing your favorite movies without loading problems, you will be able to improve the performance of your connected home system, if you have one.

Undoubtedly, this last slightly more expensive option is the one that should be chosen by all those users who have a high volume of WiFi connections at home, as well as accessories Home Kit.

Same on the outside, much changed on the inside

While it will be virtually impossible to tell an Apple TV (2022) apart from an Apple TV (2021) with the naked eye, the interior bears little to no relation.

To start with because the Apple TV (2022) is now 50% lighter than its predecessor, and also 10% thinner. The total weight will vary between 208 and 214 grams, depending on the exact model that we have chosen, in the same way, we will have 9.3 centimeters long by only 3.1 centimeters high. Compared to the 2021 model year, which weighed 425 grams, with a thickness of 3.5 centimeters, it seems that the miniaturization work has had quite an effect.


The main reason is that Apple has decided to do without the small fan that the device has had inside all these years ago, improving its cooling passively. However, many users would not even know that the Apple TV has a fan as it is extremely quiet.

At the design level, at the top of the device the “TV” sign has disappeared and only the logo of the Cupertino company appears, as it happens in the rest of the brand’s devices, thus unifying these parameters.

To continue (and finish) with the little novelties that make the new Apple TV (2022) so unique, we must bear in mind that with the Siri Remote they have decided to follow in the footsteps of installing USB-C ports, And how could it be otherwise, now the Apple TV remote will be charged through this standardized port.

However, we must take into account the umpteenth controversy of the North American company in this regard, and that is that When you buy an Apple TV, the USB-C charging cable for the Siri Remote is no longer included. But this nonsense does not stop here, in case you decide to purchase a Siri Remote separately, at a cost of 69 euros on the official Apple website, you will find that it does not come with a USB-C charging cable either.

That’s the way it is, There is only a small cast of Apple devices that still use the old Lightning port: iPhone, AirPods, Magic Keyboard, Magic TrackPad, Magic Mouse and MagSafe Battery.

The nonsense that hides the new Apple TV (2022)

There are many reasons that make us doubt the usual Apple about the future of Apple TV. They have included a processor with enormous power inside, which will in no way be accompanied by tvOS, the Operating System that Apple has designed for this device and that suffers from secrecy, lack of customization and functionalities that justify such a need for processing.

This can only have one reason for being, and that is Apple is preparing something “big” for Apple TV, with improvements in tvOS and on device capabilities. This, in any case, we will not be able to see until June of next year at the earliest, with the usual developer conference.

Another peculiar move by Apple is that while it has unconsciously decided to increase the price of the iPad, it has gradually decreased the price of the iPad. Apple TV up to 169 euros, something unimaginable just a few years ago… What is the Cupertino company up to with Apple TV?