Apple TV App Will Have A New Sidebar 

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is preparing a makeover of the Apple TV App. The revamp is part of the macOS 13.3 beta, however, it is currently deactivated. Yet, with a little deception, we were capable of activating the new layout and seeing what is new.

The main difference in this new format is the inclusion of a navigation sidebar. This (finally) aligns the Mac version of the Apple TV App with the iPad version, which gained a sidebar in iOS 15.2. The Apple TV, Store, Library, Devices, and Playlists areas are separated on the sidebar.

Apple TV App Has A New Sidebar

The “Apple TV” section includes sections for “Watch Now” and Apple TV+. You will also have instant access to any Apple TV App Channels you have subscribed to, such as MLS Season Pass, Showtime, or Starz.

The “Store” category allows you to purchase television shows and movies from the iTunes Store. The “Library” category allows you to access previously purchased content, leases, home splitting, family sharing, and other features. Alas, that is about it for this new look.

Anyone looking for a significant cosmetic revamp of the TV app will have to wait. Still, the inclusion of a sidebar to the app’s navigation is a welcome upgrade. Before, the TV app provided only a tab bar on the top of the interface for navigating.

It is unknown when Apple intends to make this new Apple TV App design available to users. Again, it is in the newest macOS 13.3 beta but has not been activated yet. macOS 13.3, which should be released in the next weeks, also includes 30+ new emoji compatibility and the new Home architecture, which Apple removed from macOS 13.1 owing to issues.