Apple TV+ growth slows in the US

Apple’s streaming service is not having a good time. According to a study conducted by JustWatch evaluating the performance of streaming platforms in the United States, viewing of Apple TV+ has slowed down in the United States. A phenomenon that began to occur in 2022 when the platform was surpassed by Paramount +.

Now, the platform has made a new report where it showed that the growth of Apple TV + continued to slow down. Given this fact, Alexandra Canal in Yahoo Finance, indicated that the Apple TV + signal is stagnant, motivated that users find the service worthless.

What is happening with Apple TV +

Apple TV+ was launched as a small catalog of original movies and series in 2019. Since then, Its catalog has been growing, although it is still far behind other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO Max. (which will soon be renamed Max).

JustWatch’s research into the viewing habits of Americans revealed that Apple TV+ is lagging behind its competition. In fact, I report that only 22% of iPhone owners subscribe to this service.

The most viewed streaming platforms so far in 2023

What is the best streaming platform? If you think that Netflix is ​​still the leader of the streaming platforms, you are wrong.. Now this platform is in second place with a 20% market share, surpassed by Amazon Prime Video with 21%. Which places this platform as the favorite of the Americans during the first quarter of 2023.

In third place in the ranking is Disney+ with 15%, surpassing HBO Max by the slightest difference, who ranked fourth with 14%. For his part, Apple TV+ continues to lag the list, with just 6% of the US streaming market share.

But without a doubt, the one who had outstanding growth was Paramount +, who went from 4% to 7% and managed to surpass Apple TV +. In summary, the ranking of streaming platforms with the most views in the United States is as follows:

  1. Amazon Prime Video: 21%
  2. netflix: 20%
  3. Disney+: 15%
  4. HBO max: 14%
  5. Hulu: 11%
  6. Paramount+: 7%
  7. AppleTV+: 6%
  8. Others: 6%

Although not everything is bad for Apple TV +, as it managed to grow compared to the previous year, other platforms managed to gain a greater number of subscribers. For its part, Netflix, who was previously the undisputed leader of streaming, has seen how its popularity has been declining, as It has been registering a large loss of subscribers since the beginning of 2022.