Apple TV or Chromecast, which is better to buy this Christmas?

As Christmas approaches, many of us spend more time with family. In this sense, an important dilemma arises when choosing a device that is capable of playing the content of our platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix or Apple TV. Therefore, in this post, we ask ourselves the following question: Apple TV or Chromecast, which is better to buy this Christmas?

What differences and advantages do each device have?

Both Apple TV and Chromecast have better and worse sections, since each one exploits a series of features that seek to offer the best user experience. Next, we analyze the main sections and functionalities from Apple and Google device.

Design and functionality, beautiful in their essence

Regarding your design, the Chromecast has a much more cautious design than the Apple TV, especially since the dimensions of height (9.8 cm), width (3.5 cm) and thickness (3.5) and its weight of 425 grams are much higher to the one presented by the Google device. The Chromecast has much more character minimalist and easy to hide in your living room than the device designed by those from Cupertino. Regarding the command, both need a command for their operation. However, the Siri Remote Apple with its redesign is one step above, being a much more complete product with a better finish.

Both operating systems They have a high degree of development and maturity, so you will not notice big differences in performance, however, in terms of user experience and usability, it is where the main differences are concentrated and that they respond directly to consumer tastes, that is. , if you prefer the design of Google or Apple.

tvOS, Google TV, hardware and multimedia consumption

Both devices have their own operating system without using third-party software. It is true that if you have an Apple ecosystem, Apple TV allows for greater synchronization between devices and a better user experience. If you do not have a complete Apple ecosystem, it is a matter of taste and preferences to acquire one option or another.

Regarding hardware, the processor is Apple A15 Bionic that has 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB storage and Wifi 6 connectivity. Its performance is enough to play content with 4K quality, and HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technologies. In this section, it is far superior to Google’s Chromecast. Finally, the purpose of both devices is to consume multimedia content, and both have the capacity to consume a different catalog of series (except that Apple has Apple TV+), games, where Apple has Apple Arcade and Chromecast is compatible with PlayStation games and Xbox. However, a plus point for Apple TV is that it supports different controllers to enjoy Apple Arcade and App Store.

Which is more worth it: Apple TV or Chromecast?

The answer depends a lot on the type of ecosystem you have and the outlay you want to enhance. The Apple TV is a device that works optimally within the Apple ecosystem, integrating perfectly with all the devices of the bitten apple and with a perfect synchronization if you have an original HomePod or the mini series. However, it is a very expensive device in relation to the competition and it is the main advantage of Chromecast and its success.

apple tv controls and chromecast 2020

This high price causes many users who do not have a closed ecosystem to prefer to purchase the chromecast, since it has a very low price and you can perform practically the same functions that you do with Apple TV. Of course, do not have an Apple ecosystem because then you will notice that it cheap, sometimes it’s expensive.