Apple TV Plus Global Market Growth Catches Upto HBO Max

Apple’s own platform featuring premium TV shows and movies has been available for more than 2 years. Despite its modest growth, Apple TV Plus’s worldwide share of the market has grown in the previous five months, bringing the paid service pretty close to streaming giant, HBO Max.

HBO Max is a subscriber video on request service in the United States that is controlled by AT&T’s WarnerMedia and through WarnerMedia Direct subsidiary.

Apple TV Plus Subscribers Have Been Increasing Rapidly

Apple TV Plus did lose some subscribers after Apple lowered the complimentary trial duration for potential subscribers in July of 2021, as per a new analysis from JustWatch. Apple TV+’s market share fell below 5% from July to September 2021, however, the platform recovered members in Oct 2021, reaching the 5% level.

The extremely anticipated shows and movies that were launched in late September, such as Invasion, Foundation, and season 2 of The Morning Show, may have contributed to the increase in new subscribers to Apple TV+ during that time.

Apple TV+ has a worldwide market stake of 5.6 percent in February 2022, which is pretty far behind big competitors like Netflix and Disney+, but relatively closer to HBO Max. Despite expanding to additional European nations, WarnerMedia‘s streaming network lost customers last month. According to JustWatch, HBO Max holds approximately 7.0% of the streaming video market share. While eagerly anticipated launches are helpful in attracting new subscribers to streaming services, a recent study found that they are insufficient in keeping those customers enrolled for lengthy periods. According to reports, Apple plans to offer at minimum one new form of media on Apple TV Plus per week, putting the streaming service online with other streaming platforms.