It’s been a while since the streaming video revolution, a streaming that has partly improved the audiovisual market by having substantially lowered the piracy of movies and series. But what about live events? They continue in an out-of-date model with a view to dying, and that is because interest has dropped and prices have not stopped rising on the part of the telemarketers. Now, platforms like Amazon have been encouraged to bet on live sporting events, the nextApple considers betting on getting fully into the Premier League. Keep reading that we tell you all the details of this news….

And it is that they have begun Featuring the NFL Sunday Recapand now according to the Daily Mail they would be considering bidding for the broadcast rights of the Premier Leaguethe most watched soccer league in the world. Currently the rights to the Premier League are held by Sky Sports and BT Sports but these will end in 2025 and that is why Cupertino wants to start big by offering the Premier League with massive coverage visible all over the world.

According to the British newspaper, it would be Apple the only one capable of making a serious offer to the Premier League to wrest the rights from Sky Sports, which they have by the way since 1992. And it is that Apple TV + is no stranger to soccer, let’s remember that Ted Lasso has been one of the most watched series on the platform, and precisely tells us a story about soccer. And not only that, they already have an agreement with the Premier League to use Apple logos and to be one of the main suppliers of official material for the event. We’ll see what happens with this auction as it would certainly be a big hit for Apple on the table.