Apple TV To Feature Netflix’s Fast Laughs Soon

Netflix is well-known for its best-in-class television programs and viewing experience. It appears to be working on a new integration for its homepage, entitled Fast Laugh. Fast Laugh was first introduced in the company’s mobile app last year and is now being tested for the Apple TV app. 

To clarify, the Fast Laughs feature contains a variety of short amusing videos from Netflix’s TV series and movies. The goal is to introduce new shows and movies to the viewers. The brief snippets are capable of capturing viewers’ interest and guiding them to freshly released or popular comedy shows.

Apple TV Users Will Be Able To Enjoy Fast Laughs Soon

According to the most recent news, the business is working on integrating the function into the TV app. The Apple TV experience is likely to differ from the smartphone app, although the user will still be able to navigate even on the vertical panel. The next feature will be similar to Instagram’s Reels videos. Apple TV users may scroll down to discover some funny videos.

Furthermore, users will be able to share the video with their friends and family, allowing them to promote their favorite TV series and episodes to others. You may also react to the video by clicking the “LOL” button.

Everything appears to be comparable to a social networking platform, but keep in mind that the Fast Laugh function will only be accessible for adult accounts, and you will be subjected to a content caution at the beginning of the broadcast. 

Apple TV owners will be among the first to receive the Netflix Fast Launch function. There is no word on when the business plans to introduce the functionality, although testing is already underway in a few English-speaking nations.