Apple Introduces Ukraine UNICEF Donation Button To News App And Official Site

Apple has made it easier to assist Ukrainian citizens. There is now a contribution button at the top of its website that connects you to the Music or iTunes app. You may even give through the banners in the App Store or Apple News app.

Apple allows users to contribute anywhere from $5 to $200, with all earnings going to USA UNICEF to assist families impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Donations are made using your Apple ID, and you’ll utilize the payment method that’s associated with it. This is just one of Apple’s many recent measures to defend Ukraine.

Ukraine UNICEF Will Have Apple Users Donate Money

Tim Cook wrote Apple workers earlier this week, saying that the company will match employees’ donations to Ukraine 2:1. Apple is also working with partners to see what else they can do to help, according to the email.

The Cupertino corporation stopped selling its products in Russia and stopped exporting to the Russian market. It has also removed two prominent applications from international App Stores, RT and Sputnik. Both applications are, however, still accessible for download in the Russian App Store.

Apple has added a banner at the top of its website that connects visitors to an iTunes page where they may donate up to $200 using their Apple ID payment method, making it easier for customers to contribute to UNICEF’s continuing crisis in Ukraine. All donations made through the iTunes platform, according to Apple, will go directly to UNICEF USA and its continuing work in Ukraine to assist families affected by the conflict. Apple has already taken several actions in reaction to the crisis in Ukraine, including suspending sales activities in Russia and removing many Russian state-sponsored news sources from the App Store.

In a letter to employees acquired by MacRumors this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook also stated that the company will match employee donations to approved groups assisting in Ukraine at a 2:1 ratio, retroactive to February 25. Apple has stated that it will donate to initiatives in Ukraine, and Cook has stated that the company is “very worried” about the ongoing crisis.