Apple VP Leaves Company After His Distasteful TikTok Comment

In a recent TikTok video Tom Blevins, Apple VP made a gross remark about his work front 

Apple VP Tom Blevins Puts A Nail In His Coffin

Daniel Mac while doing an article on high profile people with highly expensive vehicles spotted Apple’s VP in Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren enquiring about his profession Tom said he had expensive cars, played Golf, and Caressed Volumptious females during weekends and yearly vacations. Dentals were also on high priority.

This short clip of not even 30 seconds was taken from the 1981 film Arthur. He repeated what the lead actor had said in the movie.

Tom is one of Apple’s revered procurement heads. Being Apple VP he had to directly work with Apple’s business partners and suppliers.

Apple’s iPhone 14 satellite connectivity functionality deal was struck with Global Star with him on the team. He constantly plays a crucial role in bringing down the costs of Apple’s products.

Apple’s VP had earned the title of “Belvinator” for his ruthless attitude during negotiations.

In the Qualcomm vs Apple face, he was the protagonist who had stopped Apple’s suppliers from making any royalty payment to Qualcomm. His cutthroat and merciless attitude made his opponents vary of him.

Apple’s head Tim Cook personally invited Tom Blevins to take charge of matters in the Apple Park offices in Cupertino, California.

Apple immediately held a private inquiry into the offensive video. After a lot of deliberation, Tom Blevins was asked to step down from his post. 

The former Apple VP was highly repentant. He said he was extremely sorry if he had feelings for people by his very poor attempt at humor.

It has also been validated that Apple’s senior VP of Operations, Jeff Williams would be taking over.