Apple wants to give a twist to the iPad that no one expected

Innovations continue at Apple headquarters. And now it has been possible to discover a new device charging system, which Cupertino is developing, so that different devices can interact even more with each other. If you want to know how this new invention works, and why it will change the way we charge the batteries of our devices, in this post we will tell you about it.

With the USB type C connector, we have changed the way we charge our iPhone. Through MagSafe, the charging system on Macs was retried. Fast charging has been one of Apple’s great improvements in the last decade. And now, wireless charging is positioned as another standard in the industry, in which we do not need to connect any cables.

The iterations regarding device charging have been changing within the Apple ecosystem. However, the patent that has been registered wants to give another twist to the formula for charging devices, in which wireless charging and glass have a lot to do with it.

Can you imagine putting an Apple Watch on the screen and having it charge?

This is precisely what the patent that has been registered is about. The name of the document is “Through-Display Wireless Charging”, that is, wireless charging through the screen. Currently, the only Apple devices that feature wireless charging are the following:

  • All Apple Watch models
  • All iPhone models starting with iPhone
  • AirPods 2 with wireless charging case
  • AirPods 3 with wireless charging case
  • All AirPods Pro models with wireless charging case

Apart from wireless charging, what do they all have in common? That wireless charging takes place on the back of all these devices, since that is where the coil necessary to carry out the process is located. Now, literally, Apple wants to turn it around, transferring this possibility to the screen.

The patent abstract explains the following: “A personal electronic device (for example, a tablet) can be configured to wirelessly charge an accessory (for example, a stylus) through the front screen of the device.”

In the Apple ecosystem, the tablet is the iPad, while the stylus is the Apple Pencil. In the case of the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, it is the stylus that charges wirelessly. Now, until now this charging process has been carried out on the side of the device.

patent ipad charging screen

“At least a portion of the screen should be transparent to facilitate viewing of the screen,” they continue. “A wireless charging assembly must have a core wound on it, which must be configured to generate a magnetic field above the screen to place the accessory.”

In other words, the screen must maintain the same visibility What would it have if it did not have that charging system. And furthermore, this system must be strategically placed so that the current field is generated and reaches above the screen glass.