Apple wants to say goodbye to Google

Despite the fact that new patents appear every day from Apple, many of them do not jump to the present day at first, where we have a clear example in this Search Engine specific to Apple devices.

Is Apple “forced” to make this decision?

In recent months, Google has been immersed in legal proceedings for carrying out monopolistic Policies, that is, for having a dominant position in Internet searches and advertising. Apple, which has experience in this area, wants to separate from google and avoid being peppered in new monopoly policies. Google is responsible for the search engine that we all know, but also for Android, which is why it takes over two of the large technological sectors of today.

What does apple have to do with all this?

Safari is Apple’s default search engine, however, Google has a great weight in said search engine, since it indirectly depends on it, in addition to paying large amounts of money annually to Apple for being the default search engine. Specifically, we would be talking about figures that oscillate between 8,000 and 12,000 million dollars. This Google policy of Apple collaboration in Safari, makes many critical voices indicate the absolute control that Google has because “purchase” Apple’s search engine to maintain its monopoly.

To avoid this type of accusation, the company run by Tim Cook wants to avoid this type of accusation and therefore wants to start developing its own search engine and not depend on Google, which in the end is a direct competitor, because it is the creator of Android, the alternative to iOS. The annual disbursement that Google makes to Apple is very large, but it does not do it because it wants to, but because in its collaboration agreement it establishes that 34% of the benefits obtained through the search engine are for Apple, while the rest is for google.

If the river makes a noise its because water is running.

The first indications date back to iOS 14, where in the Sarai search engine, results of the own apple Search Engine, not from google. Along with this, Apple would be developing Apple Bot, which is a kind of software that takes information from web pages to improve search tracking to show it in results. Along with this, Apple has been hiring engineers specialized in artificial intelligence and internet searches. We have a clear example when in 2018, when John Gianandrea left Google to become vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy.

The arrival of Apple Search would force Google to put all the meat on the grill to improve the user experience of its search engine, so we are the users (the customers) who will see that our user experience improves and if you are an Apple user , you can have the advantages of Google and the advantages of the Apple ecosystem and its own search engine. Time will tell if Apple presents its own search engine, completely disassociating itself from Google and going its own way. What is clear is that this possibility is more open than ever and when the river sounds, it may carry water, that’s for sure.