iOS 16 is already with us and among its great novelties we find the complete customization of the lock screen or design improvements in the Weather app. However, there are many other new features that have gone unnoticed but that we have discussed throughout these months of betas. One of them is the arrival of the haptic keyboard to our iPhone. This haptic feedback is a small vibration that gives a different feel when typing. But Apple already warns through a support document: the haptic keyboard can consume our iPhone’s battery faster.

iOS 16 haptic keyboard drains iPhone battery faster

It’s hard to describe the feel of this new haptic keyboard. We all know the sound that the iPhone keyboard makes when we type without Silent mode activated. We also know what the vibration of the mobile is like when it occurs. As well, the haptic keyboard mixes both things a bit: the soft vibration to make the key pressure reach our fingers.

To enable this feature iOS 16 is required. Later, we have to go to Settings, Sounds and vibration and select Keyboard vibration. Within this menu we can decide if we want a sound to be played when we write or if it vibrates. This last option is what we call haptic keyboard. To activate it, the switch will have to be on.

battery icon in iOS 16.1

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But not everything is gold that glitters and it is that a support document of Apple warns of the high battery consumption of the haptic keyboard of iOS 16.

Turning on keyboard vibration can affect iPhone battery life.

It is very possible that in future updates of iOS 16, Apple will limit the haptic response of the keyboard when we activate the power saving mode. But currently the haptic keyboard will stay on until we voluntarily turn it off. And you, do you use the new keyboard vibration in iOS 16? Have you noticed any change in battery consumption?