Apple was about to buy this from Microsoft to compete with Google, and it has now been known

Not all of Apple’s internal movements have to be leaked in the form of rumors that become known after a short time. In fact, over time we are able to learn about things that happened three years ago, like what we bring you today: A story that involves Apple, Microsoft and, in a more indirect way, also Google. So if you want to know the turn that Apple was about to take a little less than five years ago, in this post we are going to tell you about it.

What do Mark Gurman, Eddy Que and Microsoft have in common? That all three are main actors in this story. To begin with, it was Mark Gurman who made this movement known, and also a short time ago. On the other hand, Eddy Que, head of Apple services, was the one who spoke with the third actor: Microsoft. Thus, those from Cupertino were interested in a product from Redmond, so that it could become theirs. But they ended up collecting cable.

AppleBing? What he wanted to be and was not

Although artificial intelligence is the order of the day, this only happens from 2022. In 2020, Apple and Microsoft had other plans (as far as we know) regarding one of the most important software products of the company founded by Bill Gates: The internet search engine Bing.

Recently, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman announced that Apple was in negotiations with Microsoft to buy the Bing search engine, an operation that ultimately did not take place.

In the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, they echo Gurman’s statements and explain that “Apple did not move forward with the deal because of the money they make from Google, and because they realized that Bing could not compete against Google , neither in quality, nor in capabilities.

Of course, the talks held by both companies were of an “exploratory” nature, according to what has been learned. Despite the fact that Google is the owner of the rival iOS operating system on mobile phones, MacRumors explains the following:

«The Google search engine is the default search engine on iPhones, iPads and Macs. Google pays millions of dollars a year for the privilege of being so. “Apple is making between $4 and $7 billion a year annually from Google.”

For this reason the cake has been discovered

Metaphorically speaking, the cake we are referring to is why this whole matter between Apple and Google has now become known. And the collaboration between both companies has been investigated all this time. To such an extent that Eddy Cue himself has had to testify in a trial about why Google is the default search engine for the iPhone.

“We have considered Google to be the default search engine (for Apple products) because we have always believed that it is the best,” he explained at the trial. From MacRumors they explain that “they came to say that Apple has not gone for another search engine, because there are no other valid alternatives.”