Apple Watch Series 7: Here Are The Best Watch Faces

Users have praised Apple’s latest watch model, the Apple Watch Series 7, for its larger screen, quicker charging, and improved build quality. The wristwatch starts at $399 if purchased directly from Apple, which is the same price as its predecessor, however, it is now $50 discounted at Walmart and Amazon.

Although the Apple Watch Series 7 is more of an incremental improvement, it still offers a few standout features that make it worthwhile to upgrade. This wristwatch boasts smaller bezels than previous generations, allowing for a larger OLED display that is 20% larger than the Apple Watch Series 6 display and 50% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3 display. 

Best Apple Watch Faces For Series 7

Here are some of the top smartwatch faces to consider.

Infograph Modular

Consider this if you enjoy the digital watch experience. It has 6 complications, out of which 4  are quick access, 1 is data (temperature, calendar), and the last one is fixed time-date complication.


This is for individuals who need shortcuts to important apps and quickly access data. 

It features 8 complications with this face.

Modular Duo

This is a Series 7-exclusive face. It allows access to 2 big complications and a smaller complication for fast access and superficial information.

Numerals Duo

It is a pretty plain watch face. It is perfect to track time. There are no complications on this watch face. You can customize the color and size of the displayed time. 


This was introduced with Apple Watch OS 6. It is the perfect face if you like analog watches. It features 4 customizable complications.


This watch face for the Apple Watch is good if you have allowed Siri to access the calendar and other applications. 


The Apple Watch Series 7 lets you choose twenty-four portrait photos. A new image will appear whenever your wrist is raised. 

There are several other watch faces, but these 7 are our favorites.