Apple Watch Firmware Can Be Restored With An iPhone Through iOS 15.4 And WatchOS 8.5

Apple has officially published iOS 15.4, the penultimate major upgrade before iOS 16, which will most likely be launched alongside the next iPhone 14 series. Now, according to AppleInsider, with watch OS 8.5 and iOS 15.4, the firm has added a handy little adjustment that allows you to restore your Apple Watch merely by touching it to a nearby iPhone. Apple has also released a new help guide that walks you through the procedure.

Keep in mind that this technique will only work if you have iOS 15.4 on your Apple iPhone and watch OS 8.5 on your Watch. The firmware may now be restored using an iPhone thanks to these latest software upgrades.

Apple Watch Needs To Have The Latest Update 

This solution is for those who have a Watch that has to be restored (the Watch needs to be on watchOS 8.5). When you bring the smartwatch close to an iPhone running iOS 15.4, an animation of an Apple Watch and iPhone will appear. The repair will not function until the Watch is connected to a charger. To do so, double-click the button on the Watch, then follow the instructions on the iPhone to complete the process.

If the procedure fails, Apple recommends using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network rather than a 5GHz network. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must also be enabled on the iPhone.

Apple Watch models with a bright red exclamatory point on their displays have to be taken to an Apple Support facility for servicing before this update. You may now recover your wearable without the assistance of Apple Support. The text is silent on whether Apple Watch models are compatible with the feature. We know that starting with the Apple Watch Series 3, all Apple Watch devices will be able to update to watchOS 8.5.

If the red exclamation mark on your Apple Watch remains after the process, you’ll need to contact Apple Support and have the watch serviced.