Apple Watch Comparison Between Series 8, 7, And Previous Series

Apple Watch has an impressive line-up for 2022 with 3 brand-new series. Although Series 8 has a lot of similarities with previous models, we can find a few glaring differences that make Series 8 stand out. Apple used their old 64-bit processor with dual-core in 2021 for Series 7 which was already used in Series 6. 

However, it can be expected the Series 8 along with Ultra will use the S8 64-bit processor with dual-core for Apple Watch. Nonetheless, other features seem the same as S6 and S7 based on performance. Apple Watch will come out with announcements on its website soon. 

Series 8 Upgrade In Apple Watch 

Apple has promised S8 to be 20% faster as compared to their previous S5 chip. 

S8 is also expected to have 32GB storage which is a huge upgrade from S3 or S4. In addition, S8 Apple Watch will have 5.3 Bluetooth with an ultra-wideband of U1 chip. S8 also has a 20% larger display with a 45/41 mm case size. The Ultra Watch has the largest case of 49 mm as well as a display of 502*410 resolution with 1164sq mm. This display is at least 27% larger than S4-6. 

Apple watches S8 and Ultra will have bracelets, loops, and bands compatible with 42/44/45mm and 38/40/41 watches. 

Additional Features 

The Ultra and S8 watches are certainly going to be 33% faster while charging. Battery life will also be extended from 36 to 60 hours with the mode of Low Power. 

S8 also has a temperature sensor and car crash detector attached to its new hardware. These two new features are the most exciting for users looking for additional qualities. Faster and better performance are also important features that will be provided by the Series 8 Apple Watch. Customers must read and know details before making up their minds.