A few days ago Nomad released the Apple Watch DesignLab to the public. An update within your website that allows you to visualize how an Apple Watch would look with the different link bracelets and bands that the company has. Quickly and easily, users have the opportunity to choose the exact model, size and finishes of their Apple Watch, in order to see how it would look with the different Nomad straps.

Very similar in style to what Apple’s Apple Watch Studio offers, this new feature from Nomad is a quick and fun way to make sure your watch will look great with the band or bracelet you’re considering. You will no longer have to regret buying a strap that in the end does not convince you or does not look good with your watch.

How to use Apple Watch DesignLab by Nomad

To use its interface you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Indicate the generation of your Apple Watch clicking the arrow to display the list of options.
  2. Choose the size of the clock.
  3. Do the same with the color of the device.
  4. Select a Nomad strap to view it and get a high-resolution view of what the combination would look like.

You can play around with different combinations to see which one is the best or just out of curiosity. Apple Watch DesignLab works on both mobile and desktop devices.

Within Nomad’s collection of Apple Watch straps, you’ll find both modern and traditional options., made of leather, metal or even waterproof. Many are the options! They even have limited edition models, such as the High Volta sport band, which offers a vibrant pop for Apple Watch.

In conclusion, DesignLab is a fantastic tool that provides users of an Apple Watch, the necessary help so that they can find the perfect leash that matches your style.