Apple Watch Gets New Power Saving Mode

With the most recent watchOS 9 updates, Apple Watch users may now use a new option to increase the battery life of their watch. According to reports, an update this week will provide a new power-saving option for Apple Watch customers running watchOS 9 on their devices. The user can manually activate this feature whenever necessary.

Apple Watch Will Have A Longer Battery Life

The new battery-saving option can be turned on through the Control Center or the settings menu, according to GSM Arena. The watch’s battery life will be extended in emergencies with the new power-saving mode. When the battery in the smartphone has just 10% remaining, a message will be displayed. When the battery is fully charged, the low-power mode will automatically turn off when it reaches 80%.

The Always on Display (AoD), heart rate notifications, arrhythmia racking, heart rate, and blood oxygen monitoring are all essentially disabled in the low-power mode. Additionally, it disables workout reminders to lower the energy consumption of the watch’s capabilities. Incoming call notifications and other features are likewise immediately disabled.

The WiFi and other cellular connections will also be disabled if the iPhone is not connected to the watch. Although the system will re-enable those if any app calls for WiFi or data. However, all alerts will be delayed and transmitted to the user every hour if the watch is connected to WiFi and in range. According to the source, additional features’ functionality will also be affected by the device’s poor battery life, which is represented in the navigation and animation.