The Apple Watch No Longer Supports Microsoft Authenticator

Numerous significant third-party programs have recently abandoned the watchOS App Store, and this issue appears to be still present. This time, Microsoft declared that the Apple Watch would no longer be compatible with Microsoft Authenticator, its two-step verification app.

Also, Microsoft stated on a support page that the auxiliary watchOS app will be removed in an iOS Microsoft Authenticator application upgrade due in Jan 2023. As a consequence, Apple Watch owners wouldn’t be capable of utilizing the device to use the service anymore.

The business asserts that the Apple Watch operating system does not go with Authenticator security features, which is why it decided to terminate the watchOS software. Additionally, Microsoft advises clients who continue to have the authentication server preinstalled on their iWatches to remove it because it is scheduled to stop functioning in one month.

More Details On Microsoft Authenticator With Apple Devices

It’s important to note that only the upgrade of the watchOS software is impacted by this, so users can continue to use Microsoft Authenticator on iPad and iPhones. 

There won’t be a watchOS companion app in the future Authenticator update for iOS in Jan 2023 since it conflicts with Authenticator security attributes. As a result, Authenticator cannot be set up or used on the Apple Watch. So, it is advised to remove Authenticator from the Apple Watch. One can still use Authenticator on other gadgets because this change only affects the Apple Watch.

In 2018, the watchOS application was launched. For those who wonder how Microsoft Authenticator works, here’s an answer. When two-step verification is enabled, users can quickly log in from their respective Microsoft accounts or approved apps by using Microsoft Authenticator. In order to access your accounts without having to wait for phone calls or text messages, the application produces OTPs as well. The App Store offers the app at no cost. It requires an iOS 14 or a tardy running device.