Apple Watch Is The Australian Olympic Swim Team’s Favorite

Smartwatches can be fashionable ornaments, and new functions are gradually turning them into wearable smartphones. However, they excel at gathering cold, hard data.

A three-mile jog is hardly half of it, as the millions of individuals who utilize them for daily fitness tracking are aware. Even professional athletes claim to depend on the Apple Watch’s fitness tracking features.

An Apple feature of Swimming Australia revealed that the Australian Olympic swimming team uses both the Apple Watch and iPad to optimize their training. The Dolphins swimming team from Australia is one of the greatest in the world. In the 2020 Olympics, it brought home 21 medals, including nine golds. It was only surpassed by the US.

Additionally, one of the Dolphins’ coaches briefly became famous for his amazing celebrations.

Apple Watch’s Precision Timer Is The Best

Since the 2016 Series 2 release, Apple Watch has supported the tracking of swimmers. Newer devices, such as the Series 7, may automatically identify different stroke types in addition to counting laps and lap rate. It is one thing to be able to track data; it is quite another to be able to do it accurately enough even for Olympic competitors.

Swimming Australia has looked to other tech behemoths in its quest to improve the performance of its best athletes. Amazon and the Olympic team collaborated in 2019 to use machine intelligence. As a result of the partnership, Swimming Australia was able to contribute all of its data on its athletes and rivals to a data lake, which helped shape performance and training plans for the 2020 Olympics.

The Olympians from Swimming Australia were also praised for using the iPad, despite the fact that the Locker app, which the team uses to examine race and practice footage, is only accessible to “fully recognized swimming trainers and analysts.”