Apple Watch Ripoff Will Cost Less Than $50

A new wristwatch from the Indian company Pebble that blatantly imitates the Apple Watch Ultra is scheduled for sale. The watch appears like it will be offered with a fake Ocean Band and has an almost identical style to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Pebble Cosmos Engage is manufactured with lower-quality materials than the Apple Watch Ultra while being priced at just $48. The Apple Watch Ultra features an OLED display with a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, but the watch is advertised as having an LCD with a maximum brightness of 600 nits.

Unsurprisingly, the watch doesn’t run watchOS either, but it does seem to provide imitation AppleWatch faces and capabilities like speech recognition, Bluetooth calling, and heart rate monitoring.

Apple Watch Dupe Created By Pebble

Pebble already offers generic smartwatches and a knockoff of the regular AppleWatch. The name doesn’t seem to be associated with Pebble, a former maker of smartwatches that Fitbit purchased in 2016.

The actual AppleWatch Ultra, which costs $799, was made available in September. The AppleWatch Ultra is the company’s priciest watch to date and is almost as pricey as an iPhone 14. Launching Ultra was one of Apple’s significant announcements this year. Because of the titanium housing, it is not overly heavy on the wrist and has a bigger screen that is helpful for sports.

It still weighs 61.3g, which is about twice as much as the Series 8. It measures 14.4 mm in width. The AppleWatch Ultra requires a charge every 36 hours as opposed to the regular AppleWatches, which need to be recharged every 14 and 16 hours. Apple asserts that it has superior water resistance certification that enables operation at a maximum depth of 40 meters, making it ideal for scuba diving. It includes the additional SOS functionality seen on the latest iPhones and AppleWatch.