Apple Watch S7 Explodes Resulting In An ER Visit

Recently, an Apple Watch Series 7 customer reported that his wristwatch caught fire and exploded owing to overheating difficulties.

According to 9to5Mac, when the user was using his Apple Watch, he observed that its temperature had risen over the usual limit. Concerned by the Apple Watch Series 7’s odd behavior, the user turned the gadget over and discovered, to his or her horror, that it was broken.

Apple Watch Exploded Due To Internal Malfunction

WatchOS then began flashing a warning that the gadget needed to power down immediately owing to its increasing temperature. According to the report, the individual had been in their residence at the time of the occurrence. When this happened, the customer immediately contacted Apple Support to report the incident. In order to get a response from the Cupertino tech giant, Apple asked the user to refrain from using the wristwatch until he heard back from Apple.

The scenario continued to worsen the next day when the user noticed his Apple Watch was growing very heated. Due to the extreme heat, the screen on my Watch broke. The user was about to take photos with their Apple Watch and submit them to the tech giant when the wristwatch began generating “crackling noises” and eventually burst. The Watch reportedly caused the user’s sofa to catch fire. He went to the ER to be checked out after the trauma of the occurrence.

He also went to the ER over worries of lead poisoning, although the Watch does not have nearly enough of the metal to be dangerous. The study states that his worries were totally rational. After being made aware of the event, tech giant Apple is presently conducting an investigation. Further, the story implies that Apple had instructed the customer to remain quiet about the overheating problem. Apple came and picked up the Series 7 Watch from the user’s residence to put it through its paces in a lab.