Apple Watch Series 4 in 2023, is it worth it?

Processor and continuist design

The design of this device is very similar to all later Apple Watch, Same finish, same digital crown and identical experience because the use of the edges is the same as in previous generations. Same continuity with respect to construction materials, where in this sense, we continue to have exquisite construction quality and materials, honoring the Apple brand.

With respect to chip, this watch has the chip S4, which, it is true, is not one of the most recent processors and with the most features on the market. However, the Apple Watch processor does not require the same features as the iPhone or iPad processors. In addition, the processor of the Watch is not renewed in each generation, but they are doing small changes to optimize performance, temperature and efficiency. Therefore, the difference with respect to the most current processors is not marked.

Software and user experience

Regarding its use on a day-to-day basis, it is an arrangement that works really well, regardless of whether you have an average use of receiving notifications and performing activities in the gym. In this use, the Apple Watch continues to function correctly.


It is also interesting to note that the Apple WatchSeries 4 update to watch OS 8, so you will be able to have all the advantages of the new operating system, so functions such as fall detection, sleep monitoring or the new application to meditate, with assisted breathing techniques. Is fourth generation Apple Watch, has the same problems as the most recent generations, that is, the same limitations and dependencies of all Apple Watch, This wrist device being the best complement to the iPhone, but also the most dependent on it.

Is this Apple Watch Series 4 worth it?

The main problem with this device is that it is probably going to stop receiving updates in the near future, since this year it has updated to WatchOS even the Apple Watch Series 3, but in one or two, it will probably stop receiving support. So, not worth it Acquire this device from all possible avenues. The Watch series 4 is not officially sold in the Apple Store, so the only way to get this device is through second-hand and third-hand stores.

Series 4_04

In the first case, making a disbursement for such an old device is not worth it regardless of the price it has because its useful life will be less and less. In the second case, a second-hand device is going to have a very large battery degradation, so the user experience will not be satisfactory. The only option in which this device would be interesting is If you already have it or a close relative gives it to you, otherwise, it is not a good option for the present 2023.

Leave us in the comments if it is worth it for you in 2023.