Apple Watch Series 7 after 1 and a half years

The first thing I want to tell you is What do I use my Apple Watch for?, or rather, what functions does it fulfill in my day-to-day life and in my Apple ecosystem. My main use is measurement of my daily physical activity, and it is the most important aspect for me and the reason why I bought my first Apple Watch many years ago. Now both the notification management as the possibility of measure my sleep They are functions that I also use every day and the truth is that, once you get used to it, it is difficult to eliminate it from the routine.

The good

Once you know the general use I make of the Apple Watch Series 7, I want to start by telling you about the good stuff. Both the Series 7 and the rest of the models are equipment that everyone who has them will appreciate. encourages you to have a more active or less sedentary lifeas you want to see it. Both for the rings, which result in different notifications throughout the day to encourage you to move, and the number of sports activities that you can collect with this watch, give you that extra bit of motivation every day to move a little more.

The notification management Incoming messages on the iPhone is also something that has a lot of value, since it allows you to be much more selective when it comes to answering or not answering depending on what things. Not to mention the convenience of being able to answer a call or message directly from your own wrist. Finally, I also want to highlight the design, because in the end Apple Watch is a watch, and as such it forms part of your daily outfit, becoming a fashion element which, at least personally, I love since I think it has a design that adapts wonderfully to all circumstances.

The bad

Unfortunately, and as always happens, not everything is rosy, and despite the fact that my experience with this Apple Watch Series 7 is being fantastic, there are points where Apple has a lot of room for improvement, of course. The main and most important, and it is something that we will all agree on, or at least the vast majority, is the battery.

apple watch faceEvery user of this watch has to go through the charger every day, since if you do not do it, on the second day of autonomy you will not reach the end of it, especially if you play sports and record each of the training sessions. It is true that it has fast charging, and it is something that has certainly improved the experience considerably compared to previous models, but surely the ideal would be to have autonomy that would allow you to spend about 2 or 3 days without having to charge it, something similar to what the Cupertino company offers with the Apple Watch Ultra.