The Apple Watch Series 8- Don’t Wait For It

Although we are just a few months away from Apple announcing the new Apple Watch Series 8- but the main question that stands is- is it worth waiting for? Sure, it would have a few upgrades over the previous Series 7- but are the new features interesting enough? For one, the new Series 8 will be having the same feel and look as the Series 7. With that said, the change in the new watch would be the choice between a 41mm and a 45mm option.

Usually, the size of an Apple Watch lasts three series before the parent company inevitably changes the size. So, it is pretty likely that the size of the watch won’t really change until the launch of Series 10 or through the release of a special edition watch similar to the rumored rugged Apple Watch. Also, it has been reported that the processor for the new Series 8 will be the same as the ones in Series 6 and Series 7 models. 

Apple Watch Series 8 has a few minor improvements

The new features in the Apple Watch Series 8 would be the inclusion of a body temperature sensor. It is quite possible that this feature will inform the owner if they have any symptoms of fever. Now, while it is rumored heavily, we don’t think that the body temperature sensor will need to receive the approval from the FDA. There have also been a couple of reports regarding the presence of a blood pressure monitoring sensor or a blood glucose montior. Yet, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes that it could take the parent company quite a few years before it is capable of including it in the Apple Watch. 

The only thing that needs to be said is- if one is not interested in the health features that the new Apple Watch Series 8 will bring, there is absolutely no valid reason to upgrade to it from Series 7.