Watch Series 8 Is Getting Significant Updates

Reports say that Apple Watches will experience significant updates in series 8 concerning faster chips and tracking activity. There were substantial redesigns in the series 7 of Apple Watches, which had larger sizes like 45mm and 41mm and small display bezels compared to earlier models. A Bloomberg report indicates that the biggest year for the Apple watch series would be 2022, as many new features will be added to make it more advanced. Moreover, the outdated and slow model of watch series three will be removed from the market with all these updates. 

New Features of Apple Watch Series 8

As per news in the Power On newsletter, three new models of Apple watches are getting launched this year. These include the Apple Watch SE with the latest updates, Watch Series 8, and a Watch for extreme sports activities. Mark Gurman stated that there might not be any more health sensors for Apple Watches this year. However, there are chances that Apple will add a feature to measure body temperature soon. Moreover, there will be significant Watch Series 8 to track activity and improve performances. 

The discontinuation of Watch Series 3 was confirmed by Gurman, and he stated that though its price is very reasonable, still it is not on the purchasing list of the majority of the people. After the release of Watch Series 7, it was rumored that the company was trying to refresh the design by making it flatter on the edges like the design in iPad Pro and iPhone 13. Though this design was not chosen for the Watch Series 8, it still could be used in the future by the company.