Apple Watch Series 8 vs Apple Watch SE: main differences

One of the biggest differences between these two models is on the screen. The first thing you have to know is that the sizes are different, and although you will not notice a change from night to day, it is true that this extra offered by the Series 8 is appreciated when looking at the watch and, above all, everything, because some complications are able to include more information, making them more complete. Below we leave you the screen sizes of both models.

  • Apple WatchSeries 8
  • Apple Watch SE

But beware, this is not the only difference, since there is another that can also mark the experience that a user has with one watch or another. Since Apple Watch Series 5, the always-on screen is present in these models, this means that you will always be able to consult your watch to see the time and the information that your complications offer you, while in the SE it does not, since when you turn your wrist the screen will go black. Due to this, many users may think that the Series 8 will consume more battery then, but no, since it offers the same autonomy.

The always-on display is something really usefulsince in the end you always have the opportunity to see what is in your sphere, or even when you are doing an activity such as training, you will not have to activate the screen to see its metrics, since they will always be visible.

health sensors

Another point where there is a big difference between the Series 8 and the SE is in the sensors, and that is that in the end, if the SE is cheaper, Apple has to cut some factors and one of them is the sensors that They have both teams. Then we leave you with a list in which you can see what they both have.

  • Apple WatchSeries 8
    • Blood oxygen sensor.
    • Electrical heart rate sensor.
    • 3rd generation optical heart rate sensor.
    • Temperature sensor
  • Apple Watch SE
    • 2nd generation optical heart rate sensor.

Blood Oxygen Apple Watch

As you can see, the difference is quite evident between these two models, since in the end, the presence or not of these sensors causes one to have some functions available and the other others. On the one hand, the Apple Watch Series 8 has an app for measure oxygen in bloodit will give you heart rate notificationshas the possibility of making electrocardiogramswill control you sleep phases together with your body temperature for better control of the menstrual cycle, while the SE will only measure your heart rate and sleep phases.


Surely you are thinking that how can it be that the battery section is one of the differences between these two watches when a few lines above we have told you that they have the same autonomyWell, well, because there is something that must also be kept in mind when talking about the battery, and that is the way to charge both devices.

Apple Watch S7 charging

Both have the same way of loading them, but with a substantial difference, and that is that Apple Watch Series 8 supports fast charging, and that is something that, of course, for the users of this device, is vital. Unfortunately, Apple Watches have to be charged practically every day, however, taking 1 hour and a half or two is not the same as having your Apple Watch at 100% in a few minutes.

common aspects

Obviously, not all are differences between these two Apple Watch, and how can it be otherwise, when it comes to knowing more or less what the experience that each of them can offer you, you also have to keep in mind the common aspects that exist among them. Below we will talk about the most relevant ones.

security and emergencies

One of the aspects that these two Apple Watch models have in common is the ability to look after people’s health, and it is that despite the fact that the SE does not have as many sensors as the Series 8, there are two essential functions that are common in both watches, and it is the detection of falls and the detection of accidents.

enable fall detectionfall detection It is one of the functions that has been able to save the most lives for users who have an Apple Watch on their wrists. It works in such a way that, when it detects that the person has suffered a fall, it sends a notification, in the event that it does not receive a response in the first seconds, the Apple Watch itself is in charge of calling the emergency services so that they can help them. . Well, to this has been added the accident detectionso now the Apple Watch can also notify the emergency services after a traffic accident.

Measurement of sports activity and sleep

One of the reasons why users end up buying an Apple watch is because of the great contribution it makes on a day-to-day basis so that users have a much more active and healthy life. Apple Watch rings encourage people to exercise and move a lot more during a normal day, plus in the end you can keep track of what you’re doing as well as compete with other people who also have Apple Watch.

Activity on Apple WatchThe training app In this case, it has a fundamental role, since it provides the perfect tool to be able to record a multitude of sports and physical activities. However, you also have all the options of the App Store that greatly enhance the possibilities of both devices, both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the SE.

sleep tracking It is also essential when it comes to leading a healthier life, and in this case the two models do the trick, offering exactly the same functions. Apple has considerably improved the measurement it makes of the different phases of sleep, but you also have options in the App Store like AutoSleep, which is the best app in this regard.

dream apple watch


If we put the chip in common sections, it is not because they have the same processor, which also, but because this section really has very little relevance to the experience that users have with both Apple Watch models, since in the end both work at the same time. a thousand wonders, with fluidity, speed and having enough power to carry out the tasks that users do with them. Below we leave you the processors that mount each model.

  • Apple Watch Series 8: Dual-core S8 chip.
  • Apple Watch SE: Dual-core S8 chip.


We arrive at one of the key points of the comparison, and that is that in the end the price that each of the models cost will make many users opt for one or the other. We do not usually say that a piece of equipment is expensive or cheap, since in the end everything will depend on the performance that each user gets from the device, so it is always very important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Apple WatchSeries 8

For its part, the Apple Watch Series 8 is part of the 499 euro in its 41mm model, while the Apple Watch SE costs 299 euro. As you have seen, the difference in performance between the two models is completely equal in the price difference. Now, each user has to see if those options that are present in the Series 8 are worth paying more money and not going for the SE.


Whenever we carry out a post of this type, from the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we like to tell you what our opinion is and, from our point of view, which product is more worthwhile in each case. Of course, you have to take into account that this is our personal opinion, which is conditioned by tastes and specific needs, so we encourage you to be yourself or yourself who, depending on your needs, choose the one that best suits them.

Apple Watch SE

The most profitable Apple Watch model is without a doubt the Apple Watch SE, since removing the sensors, it is practically the same device as the Series 8, except for the screen. However, on a functional level they are really similar on a day-to-day basis. However, it is true that the advantages due to the size of the screen and the Always On Display are very seductive and give the Series 8 a differential touch. In the same way, for those users who want to control their health through the different measurements that the Series 8 makes, well, it will be worth paying that amount of money. In all other cases, each user has to decide if the differences are really worth that extra price.