Apple Watch Can Now Detect Silent Heart Issues

One of the most widely used smartwatches worldwide is Apple Watch. There are many potent features in the recently unveiled Apple Watch Series 8, Watch SE 2, and Watch Ultra. The Apple Watch can recognize silent heart problems and other cardiovascular dysfunctions, according to a recent study. Due to this, the Apple Watch is a more powerful device than its competitors.

Apple Watch Could Save Lives

The Mayo Clinic’s research examined the Watch’s ECG capabilities in further detail. The goal of the study was to determine the Watch’s capabilities and see if it could detect heart conditions such as left ventricular dysfunction. A left ventricular dysfunction is typically followed by congestive heart failure, which can result in several cardiac conditions.

The article goes on to say that because this cardiac dysfunction is usually asymptomatic and no one is aware of it, it frequently goes untreated.

The Watch can be useful in this situation. From August 2021 to February 2022, 2,454 participants in the US and 11 other nations participated in the trial. As part of the study, the participants supplied over 1,25,000 ECG reports that were captured on their smartwatches.

According to a report, the clinic then “scrubbed and processed” the data “through a proprietary AI algorithm devised by the researchers.” The closest ECG reading to the echocardiogram, or an average prediction within a 30-day timeframe, was calculated by the researchers. According to the paper, the AI algorithm identified individuals with poor ejection fractions using the area under the curve values of 0.885 (95 percent confidence interval: 0.823-0.946) and 0.881 (0.815-0.947).

Consumer-watch (Apple Watch) ECGs “collected in non-clinical situations can identify patients with heart malfunction,” according to the research. In essence, the study found that gadgets like the Apple Watch can monitor a person’s heartbeat even when they are far away and not in a clinical setting. It was discovered as a breakthrough that the Apple Watch is capable of passively detecting silent heart attacks and other cardiac dysfunctions.