Apple Watch: the arrival of the Ultra leaves many new straps

We continue to digest all the news that Apple showed us in yesterday’s Keynote. One of the most anticipated each year, is not only the launch of new devices but also the new accessories that they present after finishing and this always leads us to (being a vice) the new and precious straps that Apple presented with the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra. We will tell you below what new straps we have and, above all, what models they will be used for.

Like (almost) every year, Apple has introduced new straps for the Apple Watch in addition to a facelift with new colors to the previous ones. This year, these new bands focus on the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra, to live new adventures and focused on extreme sports as we could see in the presentation. These straps are focused on three different types of activity: Trail, Diving (or water activities) and Mountain Activities. They are the following.

trail leash

The brand new trail leash comes in three different colors: Yellow/Beige, Blue/Grey and Black/Grey. This strap is focused on, as its name suggests, trail activities. Its aesthetic is quite similar to the Sport Loop strapbeing made of fabric and adding a small hook of a different color at the end of it to be able to adjust the strap more easily to our wrist.

The strap is on sale for €99, matching the price of Solo Loop braided strap or leather link straps. However, the good news is that, despite being introduced for the Apple Watch Ultra, It can be used in all those devices with a 44 and 45mm case as well. That is to say, users of Apple Watch 4 onwards, with a large size case, will be able to use these straps.

Ocean Strap

Another of the straps presented yesterday by Apple is the Ocean strap, focused on water activities such as diving or surfing. It has a double hooking system in addition to being made of a material similar to the rubbers of the Sport straps to maximize grip not only with the hook itself but to facilitate it when they have to be put on over aquatic clothing (for example, neoprene diving).

This strap is available in a beautiful color Yellow, White and Midnight (very similar to black) for him same price than Alpine and Trail belts: €99.

Similarly, Ocean straps are compatible with all Apple Watch models that have a 44mm, 45mm case and, of course, the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

alpine strap

The Alpine strap is focused for mountain activitieswhere we can suffer unforeseen impacts with hard elements such as rocks, tree trunks or where any unforeseen event such as a strong fall can happen. It has a hook in the form (or at least it reminds us of it) of a climbing carabiner, where the hooking operation is to introduce it through the lateral hole that forms the fabric. In other words, the strap itself already reminds us of climbing and the mountains.

Apple has released the strap in color Orange, just like the customizable button on the Apple Watch Ultra, White and a Green that reminds us of the pine green of the Solo Loop straps. All three are impressive.

Just like her peers, They are priced at €99 and are suitable for any Apple Watch with 44, 45 and 49mm cases. Apple still wants backwards compatibility between devices.

All of them, right now, have the possibility of being reserved on the web but they have current delivery times of 8 to 10 until the middle or end of November we do not expect that they can be delivered to their first users beyond those that will arrive with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Rest of Straps

Apple, like every year, has renewed colors in all types of straps that we already had, adjusting them to the new shades presented and bringing out new ones to invite users to update our own collection with new colors of our favorite straps. You can check them all on Apple’s own website, where they have not changed in price compared to last year.

We show you below some of the ones we liked the most after this facelift by Apple.