Apple Watch Ultra, analysis of all its features

Finally, one of the small modifications that this model has undergone with respect to the rest is that it now also has a fully customizable action button which is completely focused on allowing users to configure any action they wish to carry out as quickly as possible, whether it is starting a specific workout or any other action that each one wishes.

Size and screen

One of the most differential aspects of this Apple Watch Ultra is, without a doubt, its size and, consequently, its screen. Apple has given this model of Apple Watch the largest screen ever seen on an Apple Watch49 mm, but it has not only stopped there, it has also managed to carry out the best screen of a smartwatch.

The first thing that stands out is that now, in addition to being a larger screen, it also has some completely new edgessince the Cupertino company has wanted to put aside the rounded edges of the normal models and bet on flat edges, making the titanium case much more protective for a screen that, in theory, is made to withstand the most extreme situations. In addition, for this it has 2000 nits of brightnessdouble that of any other model, which will allow you to view the screen and all the information on it in a much clearer way.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

Obviously, having a 49 mm screen, everything that is displayed on it is done in a somewhat broader way, it may even be possible that sometimes more information is displayed than would be seen in models such as the Series 8 or the SE. What is certain is that one of the great attractions of this Apple Watch Ultra is its screen and its size, which We already warned that it is big, although if you compare it with other competing watches that are targeting the same type of target audience, the reality is that it is not so much. However, for all those users who are used to the SE or the Series 8, they will notice that extra dimension.


To understand many of the specifications of this Apple Watch Ultra, the target audience to which it is aimed must be kept in mind, and that is that, in the end, it is the athletes who are intended, in principle, to enjoy and use this device. One of the points that most differentiate it from the usual models is the battery, and that is that the Ultra It has an autonomy of up to 36 hoursbeing able to be up to 2 full days without charging. But be careful, if you also activate the low power modeit can give you up to 60 hours, that is, a real outrage when compared to what the Apple Watch has been able to offer so far.

Apple Watch Ultra blue

however, perhaps If we compare it with competitive models, this autonomy is not so remarkable, even the opposite, since other watches focused on mountain sports and similar activities are capable of giving users many more hours of autonomy. However, for an Apple Watch it is really good, which is one of the reasons why many users who are not going to do so much sport, bet on it. Of course, as with the latest Apple Watch models, the Ultra also has fast charging, so not only will you have a lot of autonomy but you can also charge it to 100% in a very short time.


One of the most outstanding points, not only of this Apple Watch but of any model, is the number of sensors it has, and which allow users to make very precise measurements of some of the most important vital parameters such as blood oxygen, heart rate or body temperature. Below we leave you the list with all of them.

  • Blood oxygen sensor.
  • Electrical heart rate sensor.
  • 3rd generation optical heart rate sensor.
  • Temperature sensor.

Apple Watch Ultra

The presence of all these causes is that users who have this Apple Watch can use it for, as we have mentioned before, for measure numerous vital signs that are not only important when doing sports, but also for daily life, as well as to know the general state in which each person is. For this you will be able to know at all times your heart rate, perform electrocardiograms, know your oxygen saturation and even the Apple Watch will measure your temperature while you sleep to give you more information about the stages of sleep you go through. Even in the case of the female public, this Apple Watch will give you more detailed information about ovulation cycles thanks to the temperature sensor it incorporates.

But beware, in addition to the sensors that we have mentioned, the Apple Watch Ultra also has the fall detection and accident detection. What these two functionalities allow is that in the event that the user suffers a fall or accident, the watch itself will be in charge of calling the emergency services, as well as providing the exact location, in case the person is not able to do so or has become completely unconscious.


As we have mentioned before, the Apple Watch Ultra is a product that is completely focused on a user dedicated to sports and that this is very important in their day to day. In fact, it has features that no other Apple Watch model has, and no, it’s not just the battery.

One of the main objectives that Apple had, and that it obviously continues to have, with the concept of Apple Watch, is to give users a tool that not only offers the possibility of recording all their sports activities, but that tool is also a means of to encourage sports, and for this Apple has the famous activity rings, as well as different applications to record all workouts.

Apple Watch Ultra

Well, with the Ultra, the company wanted to go one step further in the world of sports. To begin with, all those who do watersports They have up to 100 meters of depth resistance, yes, if you are going to do recreational diving or swimming you can go up to 40 meters. It has a depth gauge and a water temperature sensor in addition to giving users the possibility of use the Oceanic+ appwhich works as a dive computer and is available in the App Store.

Another really interesting function for all those users who like to do mountain sports is the return ability with compass, that is, the Apple Watch Ultra will be able to record the path you are taking so that, in case you have gotten lost and do not have an internet connection, it guides you through the same path that you have traveled until you reach that point. spot. But those of Cupertino have not stopped there, they have also introduced a 86 decibel siren so you can ask for help if you need it, since it reaches a radius of 180 meters. However, for this type of sports in which users enter natural passages where the internet signal is not as good as in the city, this Apple Watch has Dual-frequency, high-precision GPS.

Other important aspects

Once you know the most important aspects of this watch, we have to talk about others that, although they may not have as much value on a scale from 0 to 10, are still important when it comes to adding to the user experience of Those who opt for this model will be the best and most optimal possible.

Strap Compatibility

Many users when Apple introduced this Apple Watch model, being so aesthetically different and having such a large size, the first thing they thought was that the straps they already had for the other models would be impossible for them to use for this one. Well, despite the fact that it is a movement that is not very common within Apple, it must be said that all straps are compatible with Apple Watch Ultra. Of course, Apple presented it with three specific ones that also seemed exclusive to this model but that it has finally been verified that they can also be used with the rest of the Apple Watch. They are the following:

  • Alpine Loop Strap
  • Loop Trail Leash
  • ocean leash


Generally when it comes to power, there is no need to worry about Apple products, except for Macs, since fortunately for the rest of the users they all have enough power to be able to carry out the actions that the users demand of them, and obviously this Apple Watch Ultra was not going to be an exception to the rule.

In this case, it has the same chip as the Series 8, that is, the S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor which, as we have commented, gives it enough power to be able to carry out all the tasks that this Apple Watch Ultra can perform, and beware that they are not few or not a little complex.


We arrive at the surely most controversial point of this analysis and for which this Apple Watch Ultra has received a great deal of criticism, and that is its price. We do not mince words, this model it costs 999 euros in the Apple Storeeither online or physical, and the truth is that it is quite different from its little brothers in terms of price.

Apple Watch Ultra

To understand the price of this equipment There are two main points to keep in mind. The first of them is him material from which it is made, and it is that titanium is expensive, in fact, if we compare the Apple Watch Ultra with a titanium Apple Watch Series 8, the difference in price is really not that much. The second point is the improvements at the battery level and what it brings to athletes who practice outdoor activities or activities in the water. Now, the judgment of each user already enters in the face of whether it is really worth acquiring it or not.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth it?

Whenever we carry out an analysis of this type, from La Manzana Mordida we like to finish by telling you if, for us, this Apple Watch Ultra is really worth it or not, but the first thing we want to make clear is that you should not base your final decision on in the following lines that we are going to write, since in the end it is a completely subjective opinion.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a piece of device, that is something that no one can doubt, however, it is a first version of what, we believe, that Apple wants to achieve. The feeling is that it has remained halfway between what is a traditional Apple Watch and what is a purely sports watch such as brands like Suunto or Garmin can offer, however, Apple has also been able to seduce an audience that is not so sporty but that he does want that new design and, above all, that extra battery that it offers, and if we leave the price aside, this model offers a really good user experience.