Apple Watch Ultra endurance test: The watch against the hammer

What if you put together a YouTuber wanting to gain followers, a hammer, and the new Apple Watch Ultra that just hit users who already pre-ordered it. If you’re wondering why they have to do these things, the answer is simple: We really want to know and up to what threshold is the new apple watch resistant which is supposed to have been created to withstand the worst weather conditions and use that can be given. That’s what we get apart from a good heartache and having the thought: That’s worth 1000 euros!

The YouTube channel specialized in subjecting different devices to durability tests in the old way, or rather, with elements that we all have at home, TechRax, has subjected these tests to the new Apple Watch Ultra that began to be received at home of users last Friday, September 23. This watch has been designed by Apple for those extreme sports, adventures without limits in which the conditions can become very adverse. TechRax specialists wanted to verify how hard is the sapphire crystal of the new watch.

In the video uploaded to his channel, it has been tested dropping the Apple Watch Ultra from about five feet. The height from where we more or less wear the watch on the wrist. In this test there has been damage, but insignificantly and never on the glass, but on the part of the case that is made of Titanium and there are some scratches.

They also checked the ability and resistance of the watch to scratches. For it, they put it in a jar full of cloves and shook well, as if it were a cocktail of 1000 euros. The surprise is that there was no damage. The resistance of the glass and on this occasion of the box, was evident.

But the most impressive test and I am not saying this because of the blows that the watch took, but because it is visually incredible, is to see how the protagonist of the video use a hammer against the clock without any mercy. In this test, the blows were repeated until the glass failed and shattered. But not before breaking the table he was on. He endured many thrusts. That means that we can live with it in real life, in everyday tasks. We could even hammer a nail into the wall with it (This is a joke, don’t do it at home. It won’t work).

It is clear that Apple has done its job creating a durable watch.