Apple Watch Ultra Postponed To 2025

A second-generation Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display is apparently in the works at Apple. The wearable’s announcement was scheduled for next year, but the business has postponed it until the second half of 2025. The most recent wristwatch from the firm, the Apple Watch Ultra, has a ton of functions that go above and beyond those of the basic versions. It will be fascinating to observe what advantages the second-generation microLED display offers. Display analyst Ross Young tweets the information. Several sources have previously predicted that Apple will introduce the product in 2024, possibly by the year’s end. There are no specifics as to why the business wants to postpone it.

Apple Delays Second-Gen Apple Watch Ultra

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman earlier speculated that Apple would release the successor to the Apple Watch Ultra before the end of next year. It appears that the corporation is having problems with either display design and production or acquiring materials from vendors. Overall, the wearable has been delayed and is now anticipated to arrive in 2H25. Ross Young did not specify when the launch will take place. At the moment, all Apple Watch models have an OLED display. The company’s transition to microLED panels may provide several benefits. For example, the wearable will be able to attain higher degrees of brightness.

The panel would also enable a more reliable production of colors. Additionally, the display consumes less power when compared to conventional OLED panels, extending battery life. One of the main issues with wearable technology is battery life, therefore the Apple Watch Ultra’s microLED display could be the best option.