Apple Watch Ultra vs a hammer, who will win?

One of the great novelties that Apple presented at the Keynote last September was the Apple Watch Ultra, a watch focused on a very specific audience but which, as usual, is giving a lot to talk about. One of its hallmarks, or at least that’s how the Cupertino company sold it, is shock resistance, well, the YouTube channel TechRax has put it to the test with a hammer. Read on if you want to know how this ends.

There is no doubt that the Apple Watch Ultra is a piece of device, in fact, its price fully justifies the features that this watch is capable of offering to all its possible users, since the 999 euros they cost are not available to everyone. It is a product focused on a very specific audience, that is, on a very defined market niche, which are those people who perform risky sports, in which the watch they wear can be in serious danger against bumps, falls or any another external agent that can scratch it.

Without going into the evaluation of the functions it offers, for these users, One of the most important aspects is resistance. that it offers thanks to the manufacturing materials that Apple has used for it. It is made of titanium, a material that offers an ideal balance between weight, hardness and resistance. In addition, the case has raised edges, that is, it is not like the normal Apple Watch, but these edges protect a crystal made of sapphire, thus giving it great resistance to side impacts. But that’s not all, it’s that both the digital crown and the side button are now larger and are inside a small protrusion that protects them as well.

Is a hammer capable of breaking the Apple Watch Ultra?

To put all these resistance and durability features of the Apple Watch Ultra to the test, as we told you at the beginning of the post, the YouTube channel TechRax has taken a hammer and has begun to hit the screen of this new Apple watch extremely hard. Then we leave you the video so you can see what happens.

as you have seen, the resistance of the Apple Watch Ultra is certainly worthy of praise, since the protagonists have had to hit the device with great force and repeatedly in front of it so that it ends up being damaged. In fact, it is the table itself that breaks before the Apple watch due to the impacts of the hammer.

Obviously this test is something completely exaggerated, since it would be really strange for any user to suffer a situation similar to this. What it does make clear is the great job that the Cupertino company has done with this new Apple Watch, conditioning it marvelously to the risk and danger that a watch can suffer in situations in which athletes are exposed to time to carry out risky activities.