Apple Watch users don’t want to hear this

Apple is a company that has people’s health in its sights, with the aim of trying to improve it and give users the appropriate means to do so. A great example of this, if not the best, is the Apple Watch. Well, one of the great incentives that users of this device are looking forward to seems to be, still, quite far in time. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Mark Gurman is one of the most reputable Apple analysts out there.In fact, it is one of the ones with the highest success rate with its predictions or leaks, as everyone wants to see them. Well, in this case we cannot give you good news, or rather, Gurman cannot offer us good news related to the Apple Watch. And it is that, one of the greatest incentives of each launch of Apple Watch is to check if Apple is capable of introducing new functions at the health level, which are also quite often accompanied by a new sensor.

The Apple Watch blood glucose sensor will take a long time to arrive

One of these new functions at the health level that many users expect, since it would undoubtedly be a great leap, is the possibility of measuring blood glucose through the Apple Watch. This is not the first time that Mark Gurman has spoken, and in fact, in February he declared that the Cupertino company had made great advances in the sensor that would allow them to make these measurements.

However, and although this has not changed, carrying the sensor that Apple is developing The Apple Watch is really complicated because it has to be considerably reduced in size so that it can be incorporated into a device with such small dimensions as the Apple Watch. This system what uses is a silicon photonics chip to illuminate the layers below the skin and thus be able to determine and know the user’s blood glucose level. However, although the Cupertino company already has the technology, everything indicates that they are still far from having the appropriate algorithms, in addition to not having found a way to insert said sensor into the body of the device itself.


So much so, that Gurman points out that It could take Apple between three and seven years to be able to introduce this technology inside the Apple Watch, so although it is true that it will end up arriving, at least for the moment it seems complicated that this situation could occur in a short period of time. Therefore, if someone was waiting for Apple to introduce the possibility of measuring blood glucose as the main novelty of the next Apple Watch, they can say goodbye, for the moment, although we hope that we do not have to wait so long to see that the Apple Watch is capable of offering a functionality that would be so useful for so many users who have to measure their blood glucose on a daily basis.