Apple Watch will ignore double tap when wearing Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro are about to hit the market and will thus begin a new stage marked by an operating system, visionOS, that will give wings to developers to navigate virtual reality and spatial computing. One of the most used gestures with the Apple Vision Pro is the Double tap with your fingers to access apps and change window sizes, For example. However, with the arrival of watchOS 10, double tap was also introduced on the Apple Watch. No problem: iOS 17.4 and watchOS 10.4 will introduce an option to bypass double tapping when the user is wearing the Vision Pro.

watchOS 10.4 will introduce an option to bypass the double tap of the Vision Pro

The new double-tap gesture of the Apple Watch Series 9 is based on the analysis of the blood flow that passes through the user's wrist, as opposed to the rest of the generations which is based on the gyroscope. This new double-tap gesture allows you to perform endless actions in watchOS 10: access widgets, answer calls, reply to messages, stop stopwatches, take a photo remotely with the iPhone, control playback, etc.

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It is likely that this double tap on the Apple Watch Series 9 served to lay the foundations for the double tap of the Apple Vision Pro, a gesture that allows you to control a large part of the visionOS interface. However, if you think about it, if a user wears the Apple Watch and the Vision Pro at the same time, both devices will think that this gesture is being made to control one device and not both. To avoid confusion, Apple has introduced an option within watchOS 10.4 which will allow this double tap on the watch to be avoided as long as the user is wearing the Vision Pro at the time. This is the text that accompanies the option:

When enabled (the feature), the double tap gesture will be temporarily ignored while using Vision Pro.

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As we have mentioned, these options have been found both in watchOS 10.4 in its beta 1 as well as in the first beta for developers of iOS 17.4. This means that until these new versions are launched around the month of March, Apple Watch users who have purchased a Vision Pro are going to have some problems and the recommendation is that they deactivate the gesture on the watch to avoid unwanted problems. .