Apple week, summarized

Like every Sunday, we bring you the latest news about what has happened in the world of the bitten apple company. And also about news regarding our editorial team: And we already have the new iPhone 15 in our offices, and we will give you a brief review of what our first impressions have been. As for Apple, we are going to tell you about the latest operating system releases, Jony Ive’s latest move and what has happened at Spotify.

We start with the highlights: The new Apple devices that they have presented this month of September. The iPhone 15 is already among us, and with us, everything is said. So let’s give you a review of everything we found.

Summary of the iPhone 15 in our hands

The camera has been what surprised us the most. The 48 megapixels in the optics are noticeable, above all, when it comes to capturing details. But also, as far as advanced modes are concerned. Therefore, we appreciate having more options in terms of taking photos, directly from the native camera application.

The processor is another of the most important points: The jump to the Apple 16 chip is noticeable, and we have the performance of last year’s 14 Pro, but in a standard game. However, despite the good, we have seen some bugs such as in the X app (previously, Twitter) or in Safari, where we have seen the odd crash.

«Everything is ready»

Something very notable that has happened this week is that all the operating systems of the different products are now available. In previous years, some systems like iPadOS or macOS took longer to arrive.

However, now we can enjoy all the new features (on compatible devices) of watchOS 10, macOS Sonoma, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. Everything is ready. Even improved, since we can enjoy a new iOS update, iOS 17.0.1 and iPadOS 17.0.1, which corrects security errors and improves operating stability.

Jony Ive and the creators of ChatGPT

Since leaving his position at Apple as design director, Jony Ive took flight and created his own design firm: LoveFrom. Thus, he dedicates himself to the design of hardware and products for different firms that become clients.

jony ive

Now it is in the news again, since it would now be holding talks with the CEO of OpenAI, to presumably develop a new hardware product that implements artificial intelligence. Few details have emerged about what this new product will be like, what focus it will have or what scope it would be.

What has happened with Spotify

Jam is the new tool that Spotify has implemented, as a new way to share music with whoever we want. Using a QR code we will be able to share music sessions, and be able to listen together.

The hosts (who create the session) have control of the songs, while guests with paid plans will be able to add songs to the playback queue. On the other hand, users of the free plan can join these sessions, but they will only be able to listen to the songs that others play.