Apple is preparing important changes for iOS, opening its system much more and even allowing the installation of application stores other than the App Store.

The European Union has been a real headache for Apple lately. If the iPhone will have to finally accept USB-C, ditching the Lightning connector, the changes are not only going to reach the hardware but iOS will have to open up much more. And one of the doors that is going to have to be opened is that of the application store.

As Bloomberg has published, Apple is already working on allowing other app stores on the iPhone and iPad. The European Union is pushing those from Cupertino hard, and before possible sanctions can arrive, Apple wants to take the first step. This would mean that Apple would no longer have control of what is installed and what is not on an iPhone or iPad, with the advantages and disadvantages that this means. Large developer companies like Epic would see their wishes fulfilled with this decision, since they would not be forced to have to go through the 30% fee that Apple imposes for being in its store.

Not only will other stores be allowed, but access will be given to some private APIs that right now only Apple can use for its own services, for example NFC. The European Union is investigating a possible abuse for preventing other applications or services can use the payment system of the iPhone by allowing us access to NFC for this purpose. if it opens up to other carriers, you could use Google Pay with your iPhone, for example.

According to Bloomberg, these changes are intended to be implemented in Europeand there are doubts as to whether they would reach other regions, even the United States, where Apple does not have as many problems with regulatory bodies.