One of the “small” novelties of iOS 16 was the launch of the Live Activities, the possibility of having notifications that give us information in real time, that is, we will be able to see in real time how long it takes for our transport to arrive, or even see an updated score of our favorite match. Some new notifications that for security for our battery have a defined time but now with iOS 16.2 Apple will allow us to keep them for longer. Keep reading as we tell you all the news about these Live Activities.

It must be said that in the end this is something that the developers must define, that is, they will be the ones who can now define a higher time so that these Live Activities are maintained for a longer time in ourto lock screen in the new Dynamic Island of the new iPhone 14. A great novelty since it will allow us to have this new information updated for longer, something useful when we see the results of a match, follow the status of the shipments that we have made or, for example, when we want to follow the status of our flights with apps like Flightly. The developers will activate this new time but we will be the ones who decide to extend it or not through the app settings.

A novelty that undoubtedly gives us greater control of the information we have on our devices. It will take us a while to see it we will have to wait for the release of iOS 16.2, but after the launch of the first beta version makes us think that surely by the end of the year we will be able to enjoy the new iOS 16.2, the next operating system for Apple mobile devices that will arrive with these new functions and with the necessary bug fixes to make iOS an even more stable system. And you, How do you see the performance of the new iOS 16.1?