Apple will allow you to send messages in iMessage via satellite in iOS 18

iOS 18 is the next major version of the operating system for the iPhone that will officially arrive in September with great new features that we already know. However, in the first beta for developers there is still no function that was presented in last Monday's keynote. One of the new features that will be available from the launch of iOS 18 is the expansion of Apple's Satellite technology for sending messages through the Apple Messages app. That is, we can send messages and other content directly from the Messages app even when we do not have an Internet connection or active mobile data.

Apple's satellite technology evolves in iOS 18

All iPhones starting with iPhone 14 included satellite functions. In addition, the first two years after purchase, Apple offered these functions for free and a third year was added a few months later. So if you buy a new iPhone, you will ensure that you have this technology for free for several years. In addition, at the moment Apple has not published information on the rates for the use of its functions with satellite connectivity, which suggests that it may consider the possibility of maintaining the free service.

iOS 18

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These new iOS 18 features are not available in developer beta 1

In iOS 17 we already had the possibility of connecting with emergency services through the Emergency SOS function via satellite, connecting with road assistance and even sending our location when we did not have an Internet connection through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Apple wanted to go one step further in the launch of iOS 18 and has expanded the satellite function to the sending messages via iMessage:

With the satellite capabilities of iPhone 14 or later, you can stay connected with friends and family via iMessage or SMS even without cellular service or Wi-Fi. When texting people in iMessage, you'll also be able to use key features like sending and receiving messages, emoji, and Tapbacks. And all your iMessages sent via satellite are end-to-end encrypted.

Like the rest of the satellite functions, They will be available starting with iPhone 14 as long as you have iOS 18. In addition, through iMessage you can not only send messages but also other types of content such as Emojis or Tapbacks (reactions). Of course, the website does not specify whether this new function will have an additional cost, although everything seems to think that it will continue to be free, at least for the first three years from the purchase of an iPhone 14 or later. On the other hand, It is also not confirmed that the function reaches more countries than the United States, as we read on Apple's official website, although the so-called Emergency SOS via satellite do reach more countries in the world.