Apple will be next, paralyzes bonuses and layoffs begin

Lately “tech” companies are suffering avalanches of layoffs and freezes in operations, in view of a crisis that never seems to come. However, after the noise generated by Twitter, Microsoft and other technologies, Apple seemed to remain intact, offering increasingly better financial results despite everything, but… until when?

Apple has canceled new hires and suspended bonus payments ahead of a turbulent spring at tech companies. This is how the Cupertino company hopes to face the supposed crisis that will affect the sector in the coming months and that may be the final burst of a supposed bubble.

At the end of last year (according to Bloomberg reports) the North American firm already decided to pause hiring, in a sector on the rise in terms of salaries and bonuses related to the development of regular work, what some called the technology bubble. Apparently this slowdown has not so much affected those departments that are working on the company’s new releases, but rather those others focused on the development of new features, that is, Research + Development.

On the other hand, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has also gone on to receive only 49 million dollars taking into account salary, bonus and other extra salary concepts, which is 50% less compared to the previous year, when he received up to 99 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Facebook follows in the wake of Twitter and announces more than 10,000 layoffs, added to the 12,000 that Alphabet (Google matrix) has carried out in January. Meanwhile, Apple’s revenue and net profits have fallen for the first time in a long time due to the lack of momentum from the Mac and iPad.

Be that as it may, the Cupertino company will inevitably be affected by the bursting of what many declare to be a bubble.