Apple will bet on mental health with a new app in iOS 17

Health became one of the most important elements of Apple’s policies years ago. All its services and products usually have a point directed towards health in any of its ramifications. An example of this is watchOS, the Apple Watch operating system, which continues to grow and introduce new tools to monitor our health. A report published a few hours ago indicates that Apple could launch a new app in iOS 17 focused on monitoring our mental health, a kind of diary that would collect information from our day to day.

Mental health, another element of global health, in iOS 17

Journaling is something many experts recommend for a number of reasons. One of them is being aware of our day to day, assessing both positively and negatively what happens to us on a daily basis and above all, having a memory of the things that made us happy or marked us as the days went by. This is important for our mental health, a key element that must be protected and promoted without a doubt. There are a lot of applications in the form of a diary but Apple could be working on a new application in a daily format to improve the mental health of users.

The information comes from the Wall Street Journal, which has accessed internal documents on the operation of this new application with the code name ‘Jurassic’.

Apple’s journal app, codenamed Jurassic, is designed to help users keep track of their daily lives, according to documents describing the software. The app will analyze user behavior to determine what a typical day looks like, including how much time is spent at home compared to other places, and whether a given day included anything out of the norm, according to the documents.

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The application will be able to monitor and analyze our day to day not only with the information that we give you manually, but with the registration of information automatically thanks to the location, calls, text messages, etc. Apple, in its internal documents, ensures that this information will be parsed inside the device and that there would be no problem with the privacy of the user, as always. In fact, the analysis with that data could remain on the device for four weeks, after which it would be deleted.

We could also write notes, record audio, record images and a long etcetera, with the aim of keep a physical and mental health diary with advice and recommendations from experts to manage our emotions and lead a healthier life. It is expected, although still without confirmation of any kind, that this app will see the light of day at WWDC23 and be incorporated into the native apps of iOS 17.