Apple will greatly limit the USB-C of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 will presumably be the first model in history with USB-C, at least that is what is expected for the “Pro” ranges, without being too clear if they will choose to universalize it in all the models available by the Cupertino company, without However, those who thought that the arrival of USB-C would be a breath of fresh air to the freedoms in iOS are more than wrong.

Apple will choose to limit the capabilities of the USB-C that the iPhone 15 mounts, so when used, it will not have more features than any Lightning. By this we mean that you should forget about the accessories you intended to buy on AliExpress.

We have discussed this at length in the #PodcastApple that we carry out weekly on our YouTube channel. It’s always been clear to me that Apple wouldn’t put unrestricted USB-C on the iPhone 15, and the closer the device’s official launch gets, the clearer it seems to be.

In this way, the USB-C port of the iPhone will have technical hardware limitations, both in the port itself and in the cables. ANDThat is to say, the classic MFi will continue to appear in the compatible accessories, and with respect to the others… Well, it will be more of a lottery.

It is surprising considering that apparently the iPad models that have been released so far with USB-C do not “enjoy” this limitation.

How will Apple limit the use of USB-C?

Basically any USB-C cable will be able to charge the iPhone, but only those certified with the approval of the Cupertino company will be able to perform other functions such as video transmission, data transfer and everything that a simple USB-C is capable of.

Apart from this, according to some analysts andThe USB-C of the iPhone 15 will have capabilities similar to those of any USB 2.0, as it happens with the current Lightning, so we can forget about Thunderbolt and other wonders of technology.