Apple will have a special iPadOS 17 for larger iPads

According to a new rumor that just surfaced on Twitter, it appears that the Apple Park developers are working on a special version of iPadOS 17 for large iPads. And when we talk about large iPads, we are not referring to the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but to a new model that will be released with a 14.1-inch screen.

A huge iPad that will incorporate a processor M3 Pro, and which is scheduled to be released next year. I wonder, then, that if it mounts said processor, it would not be easier for them to adapt macOS to a touch screen, and that such a beast of an iPad stops working with iPadOS and finally be able to have a MacBook without a keyboard…

It seems that Apple is working on a special version of iPadOS 17 intended for future “iPads Max” 14.1 inches. At least, that’s what a well-known Apple rumor leaker says in his account Twitter.

In this post, @analyst941 states that Apple will launch a large iPad next year. Specifically, a 14.1-inch diagonal screen, with an M3 Pro processor. A beast, without a doubt.

A beast that (according to him) will be able to control up to two 6k screens at 60Hz through Thunderbolt 4. So Apple necessarily has to work hard so that iPadOS can handle such an amount of data flow.

The fact is that there has been talk of a new larger iPad for a long time. Of 14.1 inches and even of 16 inches. Some “megaiPads” that at any given time could compete with the MacBooks themselves. That is why in the end they may never go on the market, or if they do, they may be with a special iPadOS as the leaker indicates, but it would never be with macOS, because it would take away sales from MacBooks. But hey, in the end, everything would fall into the same bag… We’ll see…